Sometimes a comparison chart comes in handy to provide even more clarity.

In-House Hire

No training needed.

After our onboarding process, we are up to speed. Expert results with no training required—it's just what we do.


Executive experience.

Ownership, management, corporate docs, marketing, systems, growth, strategy… we've done it all. We see the big picture.


Creative vision.

From systems to growth to finances, we are always thinking of new ways to improve your business.


Exploring opportunities.

We love to research systems and software to uncover opportunities and keep you on the cutting edge.


IT/IS support.

We'll help with your IT and IS issues. Don’t know what IT and IS are? No worries—we've got you covered.


Original social content.

Break free of the repost. We create custom, strategic content true to your brand and targeted to your audience.


Website review and analysis.

Who really owns your website? Where do your leads go? How is your search ranking and SEO? We’ll check it out and report back with recommendations.


Blogging and SEO.

Speaking of SEO… There’s a process to building an online presence, and it doesn’t happen by accident. You need a team behind you.


Lead source management.

We'll help set up new and existing lead sources, then systematize, streamline, and provide a strategy for growth.


Lead follow-up and conversion.

From contact to contract, we'll help establish your lead pipeline and monitor it for you.


Tracking and reporting.

Why do all the work without tracking the results? We keep tabs on important metrics and report back to you.


Collaborate with your Executive Business Coach.

Working with an Executive Business Coach is important. If you're not already, we can highly recommend one to you.


Tame your inbox.

Our email best practices will set you free from inbox overload. We'll set it all up for you, and we can help ghostwrite and sort your messages.


Multiple perspectives.

Your assistant only has one pair of eyes. Our team of proofreaders ensures your content is the best it can be.


ROI analysis.

What return are you seeing on your investments? Does that service, product or event really produce the financial results you're looking for?


Your ally, always.

We treat your business with the utmost care, as if it were our own. We ask "what's best for you?" and "what would we do for ourselves?"


No judgement.

We've seen worse, and better. You'll get zero judgement from us—we're simply here to help.


No long term contract.

We work on a month-to-month basis.


No payroll taxes.

We're not on your payroll. However, we can set up and process your company payroll through our Clearbooks program!


No health care fees.

We're not on your health plan.


No vacation, overtime or sick day pay.

What's a sick day? We are always working for you.


No wrongful termination.

We're not your employee.


No closing bonuses.

You earned it! Enjoy it guilt-free.


No desk space or laptop required.

We work virtually for you. Well... we wouldn't turn down a laptop.


Our fees are charged to your credit card.

So you can enjoy earning cash back, travel rewards, and airline miles! 


We're happy when you succeed!

When you're making a ton of money or off traveling the world, we couldn't be happier. Our goal is to meet your goals.


Your business backed by a dedicated team of executive-class strategists, marketers and operations experts.

Spending your time on the areas of your business that you love, where you excel, where your passions lie.

Do what you do best. Our team handles the rest.

Let us help